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Quick reference to our services and website features for estate agents & letting agents

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Designed and developed by propertywebsite.com specifically for estate agents & letting agents

PW2 is a website content management software, enabling agents to compose, store and manage all information relating to the marketing of a property including, description, images, floorplans and Energy Performance Certificates.

Responsive Website

A responsive website automatically changes the layout according to the screen size and orientation of the device on which it is being viewed.

Ensuring an optimal viewing, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling when viewed on mobile phones, tablets and all types desktop computer monitors.

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Flexible and easy to use property search

Placed in a prominent position on the homepage, our quick search requires the minimum of information to base a search upon, for sale or rent, asking price and number of beds. Search results are displayed in list view, a short description including image of the property linking to full property details.

Most of our agent site also have advanced search feature. Allowing visitors to carry out a more refined search. Maybe a particular locality or property type.

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Integrated Maps, Draw-a-search, Google Maps

Integrated Maps

We have developed a host of optional features, designed to engage and enhance the experience of any buyer visiting your website.

To accompany property details on your website, PW2 can automatically generate a interative "Map View", highlighting a property's location,

In addition buyers can choose view property search results, in a "Map View" highlighting all property's that suit their search criteria by locality.


Visitors can now search exactly where they are looking to live by plotting an area on a map.

How does it work

Visitors start their search by clicking on the map, plotting their first point, adding additional points (markers) to create a custom shape designating the area to search within, displaying all properties and locations with the defined area. Visitors can refine a search by dragging individual markers to a new position, modifying their custom shape.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service provided by Google which allows property search results to be displayed on a map. Our estate agency software automatically integrates with Google Maps to give any property with a valid post code a map view of the relevant search area. Google Map has many applications and allows you to view the results of a property search on a map, display an individual property on a map, display streetview for a property or even display your office location with driving directions and contact information.

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Full particulars of all properties

At propertywebsite we understand the lengths Agents go in the preparation of quality sales details. Through constant design and development we offer agents a large selection of features and functionality for optimum presentation of property particulars.

    Additional features Features include:
  • Flash featured properties on your homepage
  • Full property description
  • Interactive property slide shows
  • Email A friend
  • Arrange a viewing
  • Google map
  • EPC details upload
  • Floorplan upload
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Pinter Friendly Page for Properties

As many web pages are designed for optimal viewing on screen. However Printer friendly version optimise any given web page(s), removing, navigation and web page junk such as adverts, omitting any content considered unnecessary.

Users can take printouts of properties which they like and they can have them for reference.

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Property Slideshows

Our slideshow feature is a popular feature. Incorporated in the property full details page. Where images of the property appear in a scrolling slide show, with interactive features allowing user to pause and cycle though images.

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Featured Properties Slide Show

Another great marketing tool for estate agents, a series of four featured properties will appear, usually on the Home Page. These properties will change continually, showing photographs picked at random from your portfolio of chosen "featured" properties.

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Social Media Integration

We can currently update websites with a link which will enable visitors to download the details of any property to their Facebook, or other social media site, at the click of a button. This is a powerful interactive tool for any business and presents a great way of communicating, not only with existing customers, but also with a much wider audience.

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QR Codes

Many organisations are now incorporating QR codes in marketing literature. QR codes are a 2 dimensional bar code, which when scanned provides the URL providing a quick link to the mobile version of your website.

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Forms with ReCaptcha

CAPTCHA is a service designed to protect your site against spam, malicious registrations and other forms of attack, from bots (computers that attempt to disguise themselves as a human). reCAPTCHA asks users to enter words they see in distorted text images on screen, telling Computers and Human Apart, when completing online forms and account registration on your site.

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Registration Form, Valuation Form, Tell a Friend

Registration Form

Visitors to your website wanting regular updates or more information are given the option to become a 'Registered User', completing and submitting an online form entering there contact detail, property search criteria called. Registered users can return at any time and edit their profile.

Arrange a Valuation

Sellers and Landlords can request valuation using online form, request will be received by automated email to you the agent. Forms can be fully customised to the individual agents requirements. Agent site also have similar forms, for interested buyers and tenants to Arrange a Viewing.

Tell a Friend

Visitors to your website can share Property details with friends sending automated email containing a link to specific item of content on your website.

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Website Compliance - Cookie Policy, Lettings Fee

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small packets of information that are updated each time you revisit a particular website. Cookies enable sites to remember information about your visit, like your preferred language and other settings, making your next visit easier and the site more useful to you.

Both UK and EU law require that websites making use of cookies make certain disclosures about those cookies.

Therefore you will need to alert any new visitors that your website uses cookies in order for the visitor to experience/interact with your website to its full potential. Following this alert the user can 'click' to confirm they accept cookies.

Note: In addition, where the use of cookies involves the processing of personal data, data protection law requires the disclosure of information about such processing to data supplied be user. Therefore, include a statement clearly explaining the use of any data collected known as a 'Cookie Policy' usually as part of your 'Privacy Policy'.

Lettings Fee

Be clear about your fees.

Below is a typical search results page note the statement above the property adverts regarding fees. With a link to more detailed information bout how your fees are calculated.

EPC Certificates

In answer to changes in legislation regarding energy performance certificates (EPC's) that came in to force in April 2012. The current asset ratings (EPC graphs) are no longer applicable in isolation.

You can now include new style EPC as viewable pdf files to accompany your full property details. Buyers can now view EPC information at the earliest opportunity.

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Automated Property Portal Site Uploads

Simply specify which portals you subscribe to and we'll do the rest.

To initiate your automated portal uploads your PW2 data base will need to be configured to your individual requirements. This procedure is carried out by our technical support team, and will be repeated for each and every portal site you require uploads.

After initial set up your properties are automatically uploaded every night based upon current property details on your PW2 database. Ensuring all your property details on a particular portal site remain accurate and up-to-date.

Easy replacement or integration with your current system

For agents using alternative software PW2 can perform imports from a wide range of popular estate agents software applications, eliminating the need to duplicate your efforts in re-entering of data.

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Easy to use web based editing suite

Fully integrated with your website Developed by propertywebsite.com specifically for estate agents, PW2 is a website content management software, enabling agents to compose, store and manage all current information relating to the marketing of a property.

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Compatible with 3rd party agent software

For agents using alternative software PW2 can perform imports from a wide range of popular estate agents software applications, eliminating the need to duplicate your efforts in re-entering of data.

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Upload property details

Our PW2 content management system allows you to upload up to 20 pictures for every property, Floorplans as as image or a pdf or a external link and virtual tours as external links.

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Website registered users management

Fully integrated with your website PW2 can also help you manage and respond to buyers registered on your website.

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Automated email property alerts

A comprehensive emailing list, agents can view useful information on buyers visiting their Website, most recent searches, property details they accessed,. Sending automated "property alerts" matching buyers current search preferences.

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Email Templates Design

'Registered Users', requesting regular updates email automatically be sent property details matching their profile.

All Estate Agent websites come complete with a 'Email Template', to reflect the styling of your current website, contact details and your currents branding.

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On-site and off-site training

We will provide you with all the required training for you to administer the content management system (the part of your website which enables you to upload new information or images). Enabling you to add, edit property details on your website, including all related text and make visual edits which requires no knowledge in programming.

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Email Services

Reliable, efficient, and secure email services

Based upon your domain name we can configure and set up personalised email accounts for as require for selected members of staff or departments with user name and password protection.

Security is of paramount importance, all email accounts are stored on our dedicated server(s), making them more secure than shared hosting providers. SSL encryption is enforced globally on all email access, including IMAP, POP3, SMTP and our WebMail interface, making your accounts as secure as possible. Finally, all accounts have spam filtering and virus scanning of incoming mail as standard, which is updated daily to provide the latest protection from online threats.

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and all other email applications, including those on most mobile phones and tablet computers. Accessing your emails remotely is made easy using our WebMail interface service you can access your messages from work, home or anywhere in the world!

Protected by "Sophos" a leading email protection and management software. All incoming emails and contents are scanned including any attachments even zip files, identifying any emails that pose a threat. Any unsolicited mail s automatically tagged and marked as SPAM, and placed in customers SPAM folder, saving staffs time manually sorting through and deleting unsolicited emails.

Our anti virus software scans all in coming email and they're content, deleting any emails attempting to plant a virus or hack into your system.

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Search Engine Optimisation

In order to get the most out of your website, we will incorporate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques into the design and build and will advise you on how to write the content of your site using keyword rich text to increase your viability on major search engines in order to attract more visitors and, ultimately, increase sales.

Statistical analysis tools are added to enable you to monitor where your visitors come from, how they found you and how long they stay on your site.

This will provide useful information on potential customers and give you a better understanding of your visitors and their activities whilst on your site.

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Telephone, email and online support

Once your new website has gone live, our Swindon-based support team will be on hand, by phone or email. Our friendly and experienced staff will provide all the necessary support, answering any queries, helping you solve any problems you may be experiencing.

We also provide on-line help and advise on our Customer Support Site. Here you will find a current server status report, together with information about our products and services.

Also a trouble-shooter guide provides useful problem-solving tips.

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In-house design team

It is likely, the first point of contact with customers will be your website, therefore it is vital you create the right impression.

Our talented team of designers and programmers will assist you in creating the right impression, enhance the experience of visitors to your website. We ensure your site is visually appealing with a high standard of usability and accessibility.

We provide a fast, efficient, cost-effective service, generating powerful, stylish websites.

Its not just the look and feel of your website... think of it as an extension to how you do business.

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Social network account setup and training

As an existing customer we offer help and advice on setting up social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.

Your social media profile your opportunity to engage with followers inform, promote whats special about you or your company, in turn driving people to your website.

With so much potential value in each social media profile, its worth investing the time and effort required to set them up properly.

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Blog for your Website

A Blog comprises of an individuals diary/commentary usually on a particular subject or theme. Non-technical user software simplifies and accelerates the publishing process to creating Web pages, text, images and other media on the internet.

Although not a must, most good quality blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other Others, functioning as online brand advertising of a particular individual or company. As a stand alone website or a section within an existing website.

If you are an existing customer of propertywebsite and would like advice on incorporating your blog on your current website please call 01793 511077, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.
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News Module

With our news module, you can add quick news to your website like testimonials, latest changes about your business and you can upload images, pdf etc.

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Getting started

Quality content is key in creating the right impression, engaging visitors. An opportunity to inform, promote and communicate whats special about your products and services. To assist you we have prepared some useful hints and tips to help guide you in creating good content. Our in-house designers and developers format your content for speedy delivery, optimise for search engines and accessibility.

Benefits of a data driven site

Its not just about creating great looking websites we consider what goes on, behind the scenes is equally important.

All data is processed and managed by MySQL, widely used by web builders to access, add and process the huge amounts of information. MySQL ensures fast, reliable delivery of your content and a flexible platform to provide a host of innovative website features.

Integrated Agent Website

Many of our customers have opted to integrate PW2 property data base with one of our website templates, providing a cost-effective, hassle-free, website solution. Our in-house design team can apply global styling, creating your own distinctive website, to reflects your corporate styling and current branding.

Making your website work harder

The dominance of the internet as the primary method for finding buyers is now undeniable. As a result agents are now placing more importance on the look and feel of their website, also how it performs and functions.

Our continued success is based on a sound knowledge of the estate agent industry and a proven track record in customer satisfaction. As a valued customer we maintain regular contact, to gauge how website is preforming. Also, to hear any thoughts in how we can improve our products and services.

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